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Patient Struggling?

How do I refer them for school service?





Start Here:
Please don't write an Rx for these:
Write an email requesting RtI service & outlining Diagnoses
Call the psychologist or nurse about your concerns
Send in a copy of your diagnostic impressions and specific recommendations for RtI
Talk with parents about local resources and about requesting an RtI meeting.

How do I partner with the school if I suspect a disability for a patient? 

A regular education plan which intervenes and collects data to solve student problems.  


Data is used to evidence need for a 504 or IEP evaluation. 

A legal medical plan for ACCOMMODATIONS to the environment of the student. 


A medical diagnosis is required for evaluation. 

A legal special education plan for INTERVENTIONS to address disability.


A medical diagnosis is required for Other Health Impaired, Deafness, Blindness, and Orthopedic                     Impairment

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