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Community Connector Consortium

In the past decade, research underscores a trend of increased behavioral and social-emotional deficits for our youth.  Children show increased need for support in areas of emotional regulation, stamina, and engagement.


Research also extends to us options for intervention.  Brain-based studies, such as those by Daniel Goleman and Angela Duckworth highlight the importance of developing emotional and physical compensatory strategies for success in life. 


Several local city school districts are presently engaged in development of a multi-faceted mentorship program to support our area youth.  With buy in from a variety of mental-health, business, leadership, governmental, and faith-based organizations in the community, the launch of such a program has implications for affecting real and lasting change for our youth.  


By connecting our students with high-quality, invested mentors in a variety of differentiated programs, children are met with potential for improved conflict-resolution, goal-setting, and hope-based relationships to impact the trajectory of their lives.  Below, find some of the various programming resources available to youth engaged in the Community Connector Consortium


Resiliency Groups
  • Warrior Groups: Resolving conflict like a real man

  • Girl Groups: Reducing "Mean Girl" drama with friendship

Vocational Mentorship
  • Daily vocational skill training

  • Vocational Coach Curriculum

  • Drug Free Clubs of America

Individualized Mentors
  • Monthly Community experiences with a 1:1 mentor

  • Weekly engagement with a 1:1 mentor

Recreational Mentorship
  • Theraputic Art Club for Social Skills and Community Activism

  • Knitting Club Goal Setting

Family-based Programming
  • Monthly Home Visits

  • Service Coordination

  • Family Engagement Dinner Events

  • Quarterly Parenting Programming

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Academic Mentorship
  • Daily afterschool homework support and tutoring 

  • Nightly dinner and activity programming with problem solving focus

  • Executive functioning coaching with weekly goal setting and family participation

Summer Camp Mentorship
  • 3x weekly behavior crisis summer programming

  • Summer camp scholarship programming


Please note some programs are by invite only

The Community Connector Consortium of Wooster is funded by Governor Kasich's Community Connector Grant.

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