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ASCD FIT Teaching


The FIT Teaching framework, based on the work of Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, provides teachers with the tools and skills they need to help ensure high-quality teaching and learning in every classroom.


The four essential elements of FIT Teaching are school and classroom culture, establishing purpose, gradual release of responsibility, and formative and summative assessments.

Organizational Surface

Click the circle link for each of the below planning and instruction tactics for a comprehensive action plan of best practice Tier I instruction.

Quick Tips


Use a squeeze ball to throw out for calling on students, let the student throw the ball to the next person to answer a question.


Have one student keep time for how long you instruct and call when time is up.  Only instruct for one minute per years of age for your student.


Use high level vocabulary throughout instruction with repeated explanations and synonyms.


Have students write the purpose of the day's lesson in their agenda / homework.  The purpose may be one step towards a common core standard.


Assign each kid a color for the year.  Have them write any group work answers in that color to ensure whole group participation.

Example of FIT Teaching

20-24 practice sessions are required to promote 80% procedural mastery for a new concept.

The Power of Yet

Carol Dweck: Motivation

Use Webs Depth of Knowledge as a springboard from Blooms

How to ask questions to promote Metacognition

Using Gradual Release to define the purpose of a lesson

Best Practice lesson plan templates

Gradual Release structure for instruction that works

Examples of Formative Assessment

Using Accountable talk to enhance group communication

Using KUD to promote differentiation

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